Erika Iurcovich Photography: Blog en-us (C) Erika Iurcovich Photography (Erika Iurcovich Photography) Fri, 27 Oct 2017 15:02:00 GMT Fri, 27 Oct 2017 15:02:00 GMT Erika Iurcovich Photography: Blog 120 44 Harper is Four!! {Melbourne Florida Child Photography} I've known Haper's mom for a few years through our local Gymboree and mutual friends, but haven't had the pleasure of photographing her sweet face until now. A few months ago, I photographed her little brother Eli for the cover of Space Coast Parent magazine, and while mom was here planning that session, she mentioned wanting to get Harper in for birthday photos in September. Four may be one of my favorite ages to photograph these days, so I was pretty excited!

Harper loves princesses and dresses, so my stuffed (to the point of overflowing) closet brimming with amazing princess dresses was pretty much her dream come true! After mom and I planned which sets to use based on what she was hoping to do with the images (a wall portrait for Harper's room and something for the living area), I pulled 5 dresses I had a feeling little Miss would be a fan of, assuming we'd get to 3 or so (they were also bringing her astronaut suit as Harper is VERY into space right now). 

On the day of the session, Harper was the happiest of campers - immediately picking her favorite dress to start with and jumping on set, ready to show off her skills! She hopped from dress to dress, firing off poses like it was no-one's business! She ended up modeling all of the dresses I had pulled as options for her, in addition to her astronaut's outfit. We had so much fun, and ended up getting so many amazing images, mom couldn't narrow down. So a book it was (why pick a few when you can have them all!!). We designed a gorgeous handmade frame for Harper's room and an acrylic block for the living room to match brother's from his session this summer, along with a beautiful matte metal of her in her astronaut's suit for the playroom.

I love designing wall spaces with parents and helping them pick artwork to enjoy almost as much as I enjoy photographing their adorable children. I get excited each time an order arrives at my door, knowing that these precious memories we've documented will be enjoyed every day and for years to come - not on the computer, but in real life. 

Thanks for being such a fun model Harper - I had so much fun photographing you, and look forward to a sibling shoot one of these days ;) 

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Happy 9 months baby James!! {Melbourne Florida Baby Photographer} It feels like just yesterday that I was photographing little James as a newborn. But here we are a few months later and he's sitting up, playing with toys, scooting around, and showing off that little personality! Mom had big brother photographed around this age a few years ago, and wanted to recreate 3 of the images to hang as canvases in the boys' shared room. As we all know, I LOVE comparison photos, so I was super excited to see what we could get. 

James was not my biggest fan, so I let mom do all the heavy lifting and sat back to take his photos. We worked fast and furiously to get the shots we were looking to recreate, and I was so pleased with what we ended up with. We had extra time, so we put little Mister in a set of suspenders and jeans (my absolute favorite little boy outfit!) and plopped him back on set with a little Lion and he LOVED it, giving us some amazing smiles and personality! I hadn't really planned for it, but mom said the Lion was a symbol/mascot for congenital heart defect, so it was perfect!

I'm so glad we got you in for these photos James, and I know you and brother are going to really enjoy looking at these photos of yourselves side by side around the same age as you grow. I look forward to watching you and your siblings grow, and hope to capture so many more memories for you all to cherish. 


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Sweet Sisters {Melbourne Florida Child Photographer} Back in early summer, I had the pleasure of photographing 2 sweet little girls - Abby and Amelia. Mom and dad wanted to celebrate Amelia's first birthday with some cake smash photos, get some photos of big sister Abby, and of course, try for some sibling shots!

When the girls arrived, Amelia was a little apprehensive about the photos, so we started with big sister Abby, bringing baby sister in as much as she'd allow it (with plenty of snuggling in between). We got some great individual and sibling shots on all of the sets, then changed the girls into their traditional Korean outfits for some shots where they looked like beautiful little dolls. Then it was on to cake, which I was very excited about since we were using my new sparkle stars set and the outfit and cake I'd gotten for her were SO cute. But little Miss Amelia was not so enthusiastic. We tried several times to get her on set and playing with the cake, but she was not a fan, poor baby! We ended up getting a few of her on set with her Paci, but it is what it is - the babies run the show, and we definitely got enough for a collage, which is all we need!!

All in all, I was very pleased with the amount of beautiful images we got of these precious girls, and I know mom and dad (and the girls) will treasure these photos for years to come. Thanks for visiting me pretty ladies, I hope to see you again soon (and I promise I won't try to make you touch a cake again Amelia ;) ) <3

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Two boys and their dog {Melbourne Florida Child Photographer} When Jenson and Ayrton's mom contacted me about photographing her two boys AND their new puppy, I was a little hesitant. Young kids are not generally easy photo subjects, and little boys (especially when their brothers/playmates are with them) can be a particularly challenging group to get on set/sitting/looking in some way towards the camera. Add a puppy into the mix and who knows what could happen!!! But I am a professional after all, and I do love puppies, so I thought - "let's try it!". And I'm so glad I did! 

I always make sure my clients have realistic expectations about their images given the ages and temperaments of their children (which can of course change on a dime as we all know!), but do also guarantee that we will get images they love, and I'm happy to reshoot if that doesn't happen. On the day of the boys' session, they came in, firefighter's costumes on, large black lab puppy in crate, ready to play! We were all high energy as we did our best to keep the boys engaged and interested in getting on set for some photos. The firefighter costume photos were easy-peasy as the boys loved playing dress up (which is why mom brought them of course - such a great keepsake of your young children wearing their favorite things!), but getting them into regular clothes after, not so much! After a short break and some coaxing back on set with daddy's racing helmets, we got another frame-worthy image of the boys together, along with some awesome individual photos of the boys. Vader (the sweet and super-hyper black lab puppy) was not playing along for this set, but when we moved to the wood, we were able to snag some of him by himself AND AMAZINGLY, I was able to get all 3 of them in a photo together!!!

You would think we'd all lost our minds had you been in the studio during shooting, but that's generally how my sessions are - I photograph babies and young children after all! I love photographing all ages and personalities, and am always so thrilled when we're able to get priceless images of these little people at this moment in time for parents to treasure forever. I told a mom the other day that I think the reason I like studio photography so much is because amidst the daily chaos that is parenting young kids, I want to remember the sweet, angelic innocence in those little faces. I like the perfection of studio photos because while it's not the norm throughout our days, it is the way I want to remember these little humans we're raising - as perfect little angels. Of course, I do my 365 images too to bring me back to the daily chaos ;) 

So thank you, sweet wild boys (all 3 of you!), for reminding me to take chances and try new things. It was an absolute pleasure photographing you and I can't wait to have you back in here someday soon <3

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Welcome baby Charlotte! {Melbourne Florida Newborn Photographer} I had the pleasure of photographing 2 sweet girls this summer - new baby Charlotte, and her big sister Paige. Mom wanted the photo shoot to be about both girls - hoping to get a few great images of the girls together and a few great images of each girl so they could decorate their walls with the best art work in the world: photos of their beautiful children! 

Both Paige and Charlotte did better than I could have hoped for with the session - the baby in lap picture mom was after was not only easy-peasy to get (Paige was so good with her little sister, sitting so calmly and taking direction like a pro), but we got it 2 times in 2 different outfits! Little Charlotte slept like a champ, and big sister Paige had a blast playing dressup in my princess gowns. 

In the end, we got some priceless images for mom and dad to hang on their walls - a beautiful framed print of the girls together, and a triple metal collection of the girls for their room. I know these are images they will treasure for a lifetime, and am so thankful they chose me to capture this priceless moment for them. 

Welcome to the world baby Charlotte, and thanks for being not only a great big sister, but a perfect model too Paige! I look forward to photographing you 2 many more times as you grow <3

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Happy birthday Katie! {Melbourne Florida Cake Smash Photographer} I can't even believe it - Katie is ONE!! It's been such a pleasure photographing this sweet little bundle over h er 1st year, and not only watching her grow from tiny newborn to bubbly one year old, but also big sister Chloe (just 18 months older) grow from toddler to big girl! 

We had a wild time at Katie's 1 year session - starting with sibling photos (almost 3 and 1 - hahahahaha), doing our best to get a family photo, then working quickly to get in some of Katie alone before meltdown time. And her CAKE smash - I am SO glad she played along, because it's probably one of my favorite cake sets ever! 

I'm so happy with Katie's 1st year of photos, and am so glad her mommy and daddy chose me to document it for them. I know they'll treasure the images forever, being able to look through her 1st year book again and again as she grows, and walking by the beautiful art of their sweet baby girls on their walls for years to come.

Happy birthday pretty girl, I look forward to capturing many more memories of you and your sister as you grow <3

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James is two! {Central Florida Child Photographer} It doesn't seem possible that sweet little James is already 2 years old! I remember taking his newborn photos like it was yesterday - him sleeping like a dream and big sister being the calmest, easiest to pose 2 year old I'd ever photographed! 

For this photo session, mom chose 2 wood sets, bringing her own perfectly coordinating outfits for her 2 sweet (and seriously, so calm!) kiddos. Mom and I had to think on our toes to get some genuine smiles out of little Lila and to keep James interested, but I'd say we got more than our fair share of genuine smiles and sweet poses! 

I always love having repeat clients bring their little ones to me year after year. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly they grow and change, and I just love documenting these changes so parents and families always have these beautiful keepsakes of their little ones over the years. 

Happy birthday James, and thank you big sister Lila for always being such a great model, you guys are seriously the sweetest! <3

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Happy Birthday Sadie! {Melbourne Florida Baby and Child Photographer} I first met sweet Sadie 2 years ago at her newborn session. Doesn't seem like 2 years ago, but it must have been, because this sweet little girl is now two years old, and cute as can be! She brought her big sister Harper (who I've been photographing for over 4 years now!) and we had a magical session full of princess and twirling.

Mom chose her signature backdrop of coral (same one we've used every session since her newborn photos) along with my newest sparkle stars backdrops. The girls had so much fun trying on princess dresses and posing for photos (after some initial warming up and LOTS of silliness on my part of course!). Two isn't always the easiest age to capture, but I am so thrilled with the images we got of pretty little Sadie, and know that her family will treasure these images more and more as she grows.

Happy birthday pretty girl, your smile lights up the room <3

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Brotherly love {Melbourne Florida Child Photographer} It's no secret that I love photographing little girls. With 3 of my own, I've amassed quite a collection of boutique dresses and hair accessories. Since I'm posting images of my own girls so often, I tend to attract a lot of girl moms. But that doesn't mean I don't adore little boys too!

When Max and Evan's mom contacted me about photographing her little men, I was so excited to be getting more boys in the studio, and was so happy to be using my newest set - a Winnie the Pooh theme which was perfect for her Pooh loving boys! 

We started Max and Evan's session with the Pooh set, bringing in their vintage bears and books for some shots, getting individual and sweet sibling photos (these boys were BEST friends - so sweet!). Then we moved to one of my new favorites for classic shots - the textured tan drop. We got some fantastic sibling shots (no easy feat with 3 and 5 year old boys!!), as well as some really great individual ones. Mom ended up getting a set of 3 gorgeous handmade frames for her home with those tan backdrop photos - images I know will be cherished heirlooms for their family in addition to being beautiful art up on their walls for years to come. 

I'm so glad I had the chance to photograph Max and Evan this past Spring, and hope to get those sweet boys back in the studio before too long. <3

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Three beautiful sisters {Melbourne Florida baby and child photography} I first met these pretty girls' momma back in December when they were considering a newborn session. While we didn't schedule that session, she did still want to do photos, so a few months later when baby sister was starting to hold herself up, we set it up. 

I am so happy momma decided to bring her 3 pretty girls to me this past spring for their first photo shoot - a fun flower shop theme. We had a fun time playing dress up, snuggling on baby sister, and playing with the flowers - so girly! These 3 sisters have so much love for each other, and are all so beautiful. They look so much like mom, and so much alike, yet each has their own unique look as well. 

Having 3 girls of my own, I always get a special kick out of photographing three siblings. And 3 GIRLS is even more fun. I think momma liked that she didn't have to bring any outfits either ;) 

We ended up with a beautiful metal print of the 3 girls and several more images momma just couldn't live without. I know they'll all look back on this session and these images and be amazed at how little they were. It's such a treasure having great photos of yourself and being able to see them on your walls every day. I know my girls can't get enough of seeing themselves ;)

Thanks for being such perfect little models girlies - I hope to see you back in here before too long! 

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Ian is ONE! {Melbourne Florida cake smash photographer} I first met Ian's mommy at our local Gymboree. He was only a few months old at the time, and I was pregnant with our 3rd baby. We chatted about babies, and realized before long that our husbands were in the same profession, and that we had a mutual friend. So when I got a call about doing his cake smash what seemed like just a few months later (and was really closer to a year!), I was so excited! Mom and I met to plan out the perfect session for her little man - we chatted about how she wanted to preserve these memories (in the same way she'd done for their daughter a few years earlier in another state), chose the best backdrops to work with their decor, looked through products, and decided on the MOST amazing cake smash theme. 

I had so much fun planning Ian's session, especially his super fun Cookie Monster themed cake smash! On the day of the session, Ian and big sister Alice were such great sports, giving us tons of great images to choose from (in the end, mom wanted them all ;) ). And that cake smash....he was ALL OVER IT! I'm always a little nervous with cake smashes - sometimes babies are really into it, but most times, they're hesitant, and sometimes, are downright upset that we're asking them to play with cake! With all of the planning and details that went into Ian's, I was REALLY hoping he would play along - and play along he did! I think he liked the cookies more than the cake, but it was a Cookie Monster theme, so it worked ;) After all the sweets, we wrapped up with a fun bath on set, and called it a day. So much fun! 

A few weeks later, mom came to see all of the beautiful images we got, and a few weeks after that, her book and canvas were ready to be picked up. Just like we'd planned at her initial meeting, everything came together perfectly. I absolutely love creating custom sessions for clients - planning for exactly what they want and how they envision seeing their images months, years and decades from now. It's such an honor when people choose me to document these times, and I love every second of it :) 

Happy birthday Ian - I hope to see you and sister in here again before too long <3 



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Twins! {Melbourne Florida Children's Photographer} Earlier this year, I decided to get more into children's photography. As my own children and 1st clients grow, I have become more comfortable working with older children, knowing how to get the most genuine expressions and "pose" them to best capture who they are at this age.

In March, I had the pleasure of photographing adorable 5 year old twins Mila and Austyn, along with their 8 year old brother Talon. I've photographed twins before, but never over the age of 1, so having these little girls in here was so much fun! At our consultation, mom told me the types of images and products she was looking to get, so I knew what we were shooting for, and man did we get it! 

On shoot day, the girls came ready to play! We all had so much fun, I think even big brother got a kick out of the experience. We played dress up, I tried posing them through their giggles, and in the end, we got SO many great shots, mom had a hard time narrowing down what to get!

I am so glad I decided to move into photographing children (in addition to newborns and babies), and am even more pleased with my decision to focus on products and really working with clients before the shoot to decide how they want to enjoy these images. It's one thing to do a photo shoot, it's another to actually leave with products to enjoy every day and for years to come. I know momma is loving seeing her babies up on her walls every day, and from personal experience, I know those images will only become more and more valuable as her babies grow and change in the years to come. 

Thanks for being such fun little models Mila, Austyn and Talon. I hope to photograph you all again in the years to come - you guys rock!!


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Beautiful sisters Eva and Fiona {Melbourne Florida Children's Photographer} In March, I had the pleasure of photographing 2 beautiful sisters. Mom told me that Eva and Fiona had done some modeling in NY before they'd moved to Melbourne, so I knew I'd have a fun time with these 2 little girls. On shoot day, they came with beautiful sparkly dresses mom had bought them and hair fixed up, ready to show off their skills! We started with some sibling shots, then did some individuals, focusing on getting some headshots for modeling. After the sparkly dresses, the girls had fun playing princess in some of my most popular gowns, and played the part perfectly <3

I am so excited to be getting more into photographing children, and really love these classic sets I've been using with them. These are images that will last a lifetime, and as parents tend to have their older children photographed less frequently than they do when they're babies, I think it's so important to get these timeless images that can be displayed in the home throughout their childhood (and beyond). 

Thank you to the beautiful Eva and Fiona for being such great little models for me. I hope you guys love looking at your pretty princess pictures in your frames every day, and are always reminded of how beautiful you are, inside and out! <3 <3 <3 



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Sammy is Eight! {Melbourne Florida Children's Photographer} Over the past 5 years, I've gradually moved into photographing older children. What started as primarily newborn and baby's 1st year became 18m and 2 years as well, then 3, 4, & 5.

Just because kids don't change as much month to month after the 1st few years doesn't mean they don't change significantly year to year, and as my oldest hit that 5 year mark this year, I decided I wanted to start offering more sessions for older children to help parents capture their babies elementary years as well. After a few model calls and talking to lots of parents of school-aged children, it became apparent that the plain backdrops are a favorite, and a few amazing images that can be displayed around the house are preferred over tons of different backdrops and outfits. After all, these kiddos have been around for 5-10 years, and chances are their parents have a good amount of pictures in the house and on hard drives already!

So when Sammy's mom contacted me during my model call and told me her baby was turning 8, I knew she'd be a perfect practice subject! Front teeth missing, baby face on the verge of changing, momma wanted to remember her just like this.

Sammy was such a sweet girl, and such an easy model to work with (after all, my general clientele would much rather cling to mommy or run around than sit on a 5x7 set ;) ). She had such a fun time trying on beautiful dresses and head pieces, twirling and posing. When mom and big sister came back to look at her edits, they loved several, so ended up getting a package in addition to their gift print. Little Sammy loved her frame and prints, and I'm sure will love looking back at her cute little self as she grows into a young lady.

I'm excited to start working with more school aged children in the future, and helping parents capture their sweet little boys and girls as they grow and change throughout elementary school. Thanks for being such a great model Sammy, I hope to see your sweet face again before too long, and I have a feeling you'll look much different when I do <3


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Sweet baby James{Melbourne Florida Baby Photographer} I 1st met James' mom a few years back at a moms group another friend invited me to. She was such a sweet, down to earth person, and with girls similar in age and fashion sense, we immediately hit it off. When her son was born a year later, I was honored to do his newborn photos, getting some great images I knew they'd cherish. We did another session a few months after that with brother and sister before they moved away - Paul's image from that session is still on my Facebook banner :) 

Fast forward a year and a half, mom told me they were not only expecting #3, but that they'd be moving back to Melbourne around the time he was due! She also told me they had been given the news that their little baby, still in utero, would be facing things no family ever wants to hear. Little James would be born with a congenital heart defect, and would need to undergo open heart surgery within the first few weeks of his life. I can't even begin to imagine the emotional rollercoaster Sarah and her family went through and continue to go through, but they are some of the strongest people I know, and are the absolute best parents little James and his siblings could ask for.

6 weeks after James' birth and a few weeks after his first surgery, I was able to get him and his siblings in for a quick photo shoot. He wasn't a tiny newborn anymore, but we were able to get some sweet images of his first few months, and I know the sibling shot of momma's 3 precious babies all snuggling on the floor is one they will look back on for years to come. 

I say it every session, but I can't say it enough - I'm always so honored when parents choose me to capture these moments in their children's lives. These days, weeks, months and years as new parents fly by. We're overwhelmed with all of the newness, then monotony and survival of raising young children. It's overwhelming and all consuming and amazing. And if we don't stop every now and then to capture it, it's gone before we know it. 

I hope the images we captured of baby James and his siblings will be the first of many throughout his childhood. 

Welcome to this world James, I can't wait to see the great things you do here. <3




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Baby Ashton is here! {Melbourne Florida Newborn Photographer} Everywhere I look these days, I see families of 5. Maybe that's just because I now have 3 children and I'm particularly drawn to the chaos and love that is a family of 5. Or maybe more and more families are deciding to have 3 kids! Either way, I love that I'm seeing so many sets of 3 siblings as it's upping my game for sibling shots and giving me more opportunities to meet, grow relationships with and photograph so many more sweet little ones <3 

Little Ashton came to me in January at 1 week new, and boy was he a cutie! His sisters (whom I've known and photographed for many years) were smitten with him, which is such a sweet thing to see! We started with family and sibling shots, then focused on sweet baby Ashton by himself. He slept right through the family and sibling stuff, but as soon as those sisters were away from him, he woke right up! I think he wondered where they went ;) 

We got so many precious shots of this little cutie - images I know his family will cherish for years to come. Welcome to the world baby Ashton. I don't think you'll ever lack for love, and I can't wait to watch you and your sisters grow <3


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Baby Cole is here! {Melbourne Florida newborn photographer} I've had the pleasure of photographing the Barber babies for going on 4 years now. The 1st was Bradley, who was one of my very first newborns when I first started. Then came little (now middle!) sister Shay and all her sweetness. When I found out this sweet family was expecting #3 and I'd be photographing him, I was over the moon! 

Cole came to see me at a little over a week old, and brought mommy, daddy and his 2 big siblings with him for the shoot. We started with family shots, mommy and kids, daddy and kids, and brothers before focusing on the littlest man of the family. I couldn't figure out who Cole looked more like during his shoot, but looking back at his big siblings' newborn pictures, I definitely think he favors big brother. I look forward to seeing how he changes this coming year and who he looks more like as he grows!

Welcome to the world baby Cole, you are so loved!! <3 <3 <3




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Happy Birthday to you Elise and Elijah! {Melbourne Florida Children's photography} I've been photographing sweet Elijah and Elise for years. I first met Elijah for Christmas sessions before baby sister Elise was born, and then photographed Elise's 1st year, as well as sibling photos throughout that time. I'm always honored when parents return to me for more photos as their children grow, and love being able to capture their little personalities for parents to cherish.

When Elise turned 2 and Elijah 4, mom contacted me to schedule their birthday sessions. With 2 kids and birthdays so close together, we decided to combine 2 sessions into 1 to save trips and try for a sibling shot. Mom and I had lots of fun planning - we knew we were looking to get a great sibling portrait to hang in the living room, so we chose colors and outfits to fit that space, then chose a backdrop and outfit for each child's individual images.

On session day, we started with little Elise (because....2 ;) ), then dad brought Elijah and we worked hard for that sibling shot, then we wrapped up with super-model Elijah. We got some great images of both kids, and a fabulous sibling image I know mom and dad will enjoy more and more as their sweet babies grow up. I helped mom narrow down to her favorites and decide what to do with them, ordered her products, and delivered them a short time later, ready to enjoy! 

It's so important to print these images of your children. Digital images are great, and it's fun to share on Facebook and email to family, but at the end of the day (month, year, 10 years from now), the large printed images hanging on your walls become priceless keepsakes of a time that passed far too quickly.

Happy birthday sweet Elise and Elijah. I hope you love seeing your beautiful faces hanging on your walls, and I look forward to capturing more images of you as you grow <3 


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Pretty Sisters! {Melbourne Florida baby and child photographer} I've known Faith and Mila's mommy for several years. Our middle children were in Gymboree classes together, and our youngest girls are only a few weeks apart. I've been itching to get Faith in for photos forever - she's SUCH a little beauty - and in January, I finally got my chance!!

Mommy brought her 2 little princesses in (big brother sat this one out, but I hope to get him in here one day soon to attempt an all-3-in-the-frame photo of them to cherish - it CAN be done!) and we had a fun time playing dressup with lots of my pretty princess dresses. It's so fun when I get to fully style sessions - the little girls get to spin and twirl, the mommies don't have to worry about wardrobe, and I get to make use of my ridiculous prop clothing addiction ;) 

We ended up with a great selection of individual images of both girls for mommy to choose from, as well as a sibling picture of the 2 sisters. I helped design some wall display options, and mom decided on a beautiful framed print of the sibling picture for their living room, plus adorable print wraps (a matte finish print wrapped around foam core, ready to hang) for the girls' room. 

It's such a joy to be able to design sessions, create wall galleries, and be able to help guide parents in the selection of their images to display as art in their homes. I'm passionate about preserving these fleeting moments, and though we all love digital images, they simply won't last forever. A beautiful print on your wall is something you can enjoy every single day - and is something that only increases in value as your children grow. These are the memories you want to keep, and one day, pass down to your kids. 

Thank you Caitlin for choosing me to document this special time for your family - I hope you cherish these images for a lifetime, and I look forward to creating more art out of your beautiful childrens' images in years to come <3


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Katie is 7 months! {Melbourne Florida Baby Photographer} It seems like just yesterday that I was photographing little Katie's newborn session, but here she is, sitting up and smiling like the sweet little 7 month old she somehow already is!

Sitter sessions are my absolute favorite to photograph, and baby Katie did not disappoint at her 7m session this past month! Her mom and dad chose a bunch of fun and colorful sets, let me style her as far as outfits, and brought some sentimental props for the shoot so we could re-create some of big sister's sitter session photos as well as one of mom's when she was a baby! LOVE IT! 

We got SO many great images of Katie, and mom and dad chose my favorite for a wall print (yay!), which they decided to do in a double stacked frame (double yay!). I just dropped their artwork and photos off today, and am so happy they love them as much as I do! 

The 1st year flies by - I say it all the time. I can't believe Katie is already 1/2 way through her 1st year of photos with me, but am really looking forward to her 1 year session in a few months, and am so excited to continue documenting her milestones for her family to cherish forever. 

Happy 1/2 birthday baby Katie, you cute little supermodel you! <3

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