Kinsley has arrived!! {Central Florida Newborn Photography}

April 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Little Kinsley's entry into the world is one for the books. Mom literally delivered her on the side of the road, stuck in rush hour traffic outside of DC. I just can't even imagine. The plan was for them to drive down from Virginia for baby Kinsley's pictures a week after birth (they are from Melbourne and still have a home here). But, understandably, that plan was scratched, and 5 weeks later, Kinsley and family came back to Melbourne for a long weekend, and I got to meet her sweet little self.

I was not expecting her to sleep. At all. And she didn't for a good part of her mini session. We got some family shots, then wrapped that sweet baby up, and she actually dozed off for a few pictures! I was thrilled, and she was comfy. Then I unwrapped her (hoping for the best, but expecting the worst!), and she was bright eyed and bushy tailed (better than screaming! ;) ) We got some cute awake photos of the little miss (she even did a little push up - big girl!!), and called it a day.

I'm so glad I was able to see little Kinsley for "newborn" photos, and even though she was a bit older than my typical newborn clients, we still got some great photos of her 1st few weeks on this earth. I look forward to watching this sweet girl grow, and hope to document more of her milestones for her awesome family. They are troopers, for sure!!! Welcome to the world baby Kinsley <3



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