Erika Iurcovich Photography | 3 fun Thanksgiving Crafts to do with Toddlers {Melbourne Florida Baby Photographer}

3 fun Thanksgiving Crafts to do with Toddlers {Melbourne Florida Baby Photographer}

November 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Can you believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner?!? Doesn't seem possible, but I'm so excited! We're hosting our 1st Thanksgiving at our home this year (we usually switch between our 2 families, traveling to Atlanta or Deland), and the girls and I have been busy crafting and getting things festive for next weeks' company.

I've loved crafting since I was a little girl, and was always making things. As a teacher (did you know I taught special needs kids for 6 years?), I was constantly coming up with fun educational crafts for the kids to do - and this was before Pinterest! Now, with 3 little girls of my own, 2 of whom are super busy, I'm always on Pinterest looking for things to keep them busy, if even for a few minutes ;)

So after many hours spent surfing around, I narrowed down to a few crafts I wanted to try with my girls over this next week leading up to Thanksgiving, and thought I'd share them with you too! All links to the activities are listed under images, and I'll add pictures of my girls doing the crafts as we do them as well.

I hope you enjoy these crafts as much as we did/hopefully will, and would love to hear about your experience if you do them. Remember to snap some pictures of your little loves crafting away. You can also take a picture of the craft when they're finished, then make a little flip book of them working on their crafts and the final products - years from now, they'll LOVE looking back at their cute little selves doing something so fun and crafty for the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!



#1: Fall Wreath Activity - this one looks super simple and has the potential for some great decor!

Fold a paper plate in 1/2, cutting out a center circle to make a wreath.

Gather a selection of cut up tissue paper, leaf stickers and fake leaves, give your child a glue stick (or help them - depending on age and trustworthiness ;) ), and let them go to town.


#2: Turkey Color Matching Craft - fun and educational!

The teacher in me loves this one! Color matching, plus a fun and adorable craft I know my girls will love doing = win win!

You can make this one super hands on by involving your child in painting the plates, cutting the feathers out (my almost 5 year old loves nothing more than being able to practice with her safety scissors!), and tearing up the tissue paper. OR, prepare all of this for them ahead of time and just let them focus on matching the tissue paper with the feathers, crumpling it up and gluing it on. Putting the turkey's face together should prove interesting for the little ones too - I always love seeing what they come up with ;)



#3: Fall Slime - because everyone loves slime!!

Seriously, my girls and I make slime ALL the time. Rainbow slime, frozen slime, galaxy slime - we LOVE making slime! Over the past few years, I think I've tried every single recipe on pinterest, and the best consistency I've found has been with liquid starch (Sta Flo). Another helpful hint has been to add the liquid starch to the glue/water/glitter mixture VERY SLOWLY. I've found I don't always need the full amount of starch - it depends on the type of glue I use and how much glitter/coloring/other stuff I've added in.



Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Crafting!!




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