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Chloe is TWO! {Baby Photographer Melbourne Florida}

December 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Adorable little Chloe paid me a visit the 1st weekend in September for her second birthday shoot. At 35 weeks pregnant, she was my last photo session before going on maternity leave, and she sure did give me a workout trying to get those adorable little smiles! Daddy brought her, and mommy let me style her, but Chloe was the one calling the shots ;) We pulled out every trick in the book to get little miss in the mood for photos, but in the end, this is their show, and they know it! With some creative coaxing, her favorite toys, and LOTS of puffs, we were able to get a great variety of little miss on each of the sets before we moved on to paint.

And paint she did! I love the paint splash portion of 2 and 3 year old sessions when we do them - the kids always have a blast, and it's so fun looking at the art work they come up with! Chloe was one of the cleaner 2 year olds I've done this with - she wasn't a big fan of getting herself covered in the paint like some, and instead focused on her masterpiece and the white paper all around her :)

I'm so glad I was able to see Chloe for her 2-year old birthday pictures before I went on maternity leave (and am glad we scheduled her early, since I went into labor early the very next week!). I've really enjoyed photographing her family this past year, and am looking forward to many more shoots with her and little sister Katie in 2017. Happy birthday pretty girl - 2 is such a fun age!!



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