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Sweet brothers {Melbourne Florida Baby and Child Photographer}

August 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I first met Weston and Curren a few years back, and have had the pleasure of doing multiple photo shoots for them since. They are always the sweetest, happiest little kids at their shoots, and this session with mommy was no different (though Curren wasn't AS up for all the photos as usual ;) )

Little Curren had undiagnosed developmental delays for awhile, and he and his family visited countless doctors and hospitals before finally getting some answers. He was only the 4th person ever diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder HIVEP2 this year, and since then, 8 other children have been diagnosed. His entire family and their network of friends has been so supportive through his journey, and I know this sweet little boy has a bright future ahead of him.

I feel honored that mom and dad have chosen me to capture not only images of Weston and Curren through the years, but have allowed me to create art for them to hang on their walls. It always makes my heart smile when mom sends me messages about looking back through the books we've made, or little Curren loving looking up at canvases of himself on their walls. Life is full of so many uncertainties, and the day to day moments pass so quickly, it's a great feeling to know I'm able to freeze a few moments here and there, and to bring joy in the form of images and art.

I look forward to documenting more memories of these brothers for this special family in the years to come. You guys are always in my thoughts <3

To find out more about Curren's Journey, follow mom's blog here:



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