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How to display and enjoy your photos {Professional Photographer Melbourne Florida}

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We live in a digital age. We all have cellphones and cameras, and more than likely, are snapping dozens if not hundreds of images of our kids every single day. A quick look at my iphone photos this morning: 2,365. These are images from less than a year, and I delete regularly. My lightroom catalogue has well over 6,000, and again, I delete regularly. Dozens of facebook albums, folders full of images on the desktop, waiting for....what? I've emailed some to family, printed a few others as 5x7 for gifts to my mother in law. Of course posted many to facebook.

The fact of the matter is, we're overwhelmed, and have become paralyzed. We have SO MANY IMAGES of our children that we don't know what to do with them. Be these photos on our iphone, photos we've taken with our "good camera" or professional photos we've paid to have done. They're enjoyed for a minute or 2, perhaps revisited on FB a year later, again for a minute or 2, then lost forever in cyberspace. I've come to terms with 1st 2, but not the last (stay tuned for a blog post on what to do with all of those iphone pics!). If you're paying to have professional photographs taken, I'd argue that you need to do something with them. But what?

Every year, I make a point to gather together all of my favorite images of my daughters over the course of that year, and make a book for each girl. I've also made a "sisters" album for my 1st 2, and hope to continue that tradition over the years as well. Each girl has a newborn album, and our walls are covered with images I've taken of them over the years. At least once a week, we look through their books or talk about the memory a photo on the wall brings back. This stuff is important, not just for me, but for them. It builds self esteem and confidence, knowing that they're important and special enough that we've chosen to preserve and display images of THEM around our home. The memories the images bring back are tangible. It's such a gift.



It's never too late to start printing your work. If you have professional digital files you've never done anything with, be them ones I've taken, or ones you've had taken, I can help you get them organized and printed. Getting an album together is no easy task - it takes me weeks to organize, design and print my girls' albums. Figuring out how to display an image is equally difficult - will the colors in this one look good above the couch? What size is best? I have software that'll show you exactly what your images will look like above your couch at different sizes - no guess work! And best of all, you'll have these amazing images you've invested the time and money to have done printed beautifully, hanging on your walls or in gorgeous books, to hold, look at, and enjoy with family and friends in real life, every day :)

The moral of the story is this: digital images aren't forever. It's one thing to have professional photos taken and put the images online. It's another to go the extra step to preserve them for a lifetime. I believe strongly in this stuff, and I'm here to provide this service to you. Years from now, your children (and your future self) will thank you <3


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