Erika Iurcovich Photography | Two boys and their dog {Melbourne Florida Child Photographer}

Two boys and their dog {Melbourne Florida Child Photographer}

October 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

When Jenson and Ayrton's mom contacted me about photographing her two boys AND their new puppy, I was a little hesitant. Young kids are not generally easy photo subjects, and little boys (especially when their brothers/playmates are with them) can be a particularly challenging group to get on set/sitting/looking in some way towards the camera. Add a puppy into the mix and who knows what could happen!!! But I am a professional after all, and I do love puppies, so I thought - "let's try it!". And I'm so glad I did! 

I always make sure my clients have realistic expectations about their images given the ages and temperaments of their children (which can of course change on a dime as we all know!), but do also guarantee that we will get images they love, and I'm happy to reshoot if that doesn't happen. On the day of the boys' session, they came in, firefighter's costumes on, large black lab puppy in crate, ready to play! We were all high energy as we did our best to keep the boys engaged and interested in getting on set for some photos. The firefighter costume photos were easy-peasy as the boys loved playing dress up (which is why mom brought them of course - such a great keepsake of your young children wearing their favorite things!), but getting them into regular clothes after, not so much! After a short break and some coaxing back on set with daddy's racing helmets, we got another frame-worthy image of the boys together, along with some awesome individual photos of the boys. Vader (the sweet and super-hyper black lab puppy) was not playing along for this set, but when we moved to the wood, we were able to snag some of him by himself AND AMAZINGLY, I was able to get all 3 of them in a photo together!!!

You would think we'd all lost our minds had you been in the studio during shooting, but that's generally how my sessions are - I photograph babies and young children after all! I love photographing all ages and personalities, and am always so thrilled when we're able to get priceless images of these little people at this moment in time for parents to treasure forever. I told a mom the other day that I think the reason I like studio photography so much is because amidst the daily chaos that is parenting young kids, I want to remember the sweet, angelic innocence in those little faces. I like the perfection of studio photos because while it's not the norm throughout our days, it is the way I want to remember these little humans we're raising - as perfect little angels. Of course, I do my 365 images too to bring me back to the daily chaos ;) 

So thank you, sweet wild boys (all 3 of you!), for reminding me to take chances and try new things. It was an absolute pleasure photographing you and I can't wait to have you back in here someday soon <3


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