Erika Iurcovich Photography | Happy 9 months baby James!! {Melbourne Florida Baby Photographer}

Happy 9 months baby James!! {Melbourne Florida Baby Photographer}

November 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It feels like just yesterday that I was photographing little James as a newborn. But here we are a few months later and he's sitting up, playing with toys, scooting around, and showing off that little personality! Mom had big brother photographed around this age a few years ago, and wanted to recreate 3 of the images to hang as canvases in the boys' shared room. As we all know, I LOVE comparison photos, so I was super excited to see what we could get. 

James was not my biggest fan, so I let mom do all the heavy lifting and sat back to take his photos. We worked fast and furiously to get the shots we were looking to recreate, and I was so pleased with what we ended up with. We had extra time, so we put little Mister in a set of suspenders and jeans (my absolute favorite little boy outfit!) and plopped him back on set with a little Lion and he LOVED it, giving us some amazing smiles and personality! I hadn't really planned for it, but mom said the Lion was a symbol/mascot for congenital heart defect, so it was perfect!

I'm so glad we got you in for these photos James, and I know you and brother are going to really enjoy looking at these photos of yourselves side by side around the same age as you grow. I look forward to watching you and your siblings grow, and hope to capture so many more memories for you all to cherish. 



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