Erika Iurcovich Photography | Happy Birthday to you Elise and Elijah! {Melbourne Florida Children's photography}

Happy Birthday to you Elise and Elijah! {Melbourne Florida Children's photography}

February 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I've been photographing sweet Elijah and Elise for years. I first met Elijah for Christmas sessions before baby sister Elise was born, and then photographed Elise's 1st year, as well as sibling photos throughout that time. I'm always honored when parents return to me for more photos as their children grow, and love being able to capture their little personalities for parents to cherish.

When Elise turned 2 and Elijah 4, mom contacted me to schedule their birthday sessions. With 2 kids and birthdays so close together, we decided to combine 2 sessions into 1 to save trips and try for a sibling shot. Mom and I had lots of fun planning - we knew we were looking to get a great sibling portrait to hang in the living room, so we chose colors and outfits to fit that space, then chose a backdrop and outfit for each child's individual images.

On session day, we started with little Elise (because....2 ;) ), then dad brought Elijah and we worked hard for that sibling shot, then we wrapped up with super-model Elijah. We got some great images of both kids, and a fabulous sibling image I know mom and dad will enjoy more and more as their sweet babies grow up. I helped mom narrow down to her favorites and decide what to do with them, ordered her products, and delivered them a short time later, ready to enjoy! 

It's so important to print these images of your children. Digital images are great, and it's fun to share on Facebook and email to family, but at the end of the day (month, year, 10 years from now), the large printed images hanging on your walls become priceless keepsakes of a time that passed far too quickly.

Happy birthday sweet Elise and Elijah. I hope you love seeing your beautiful faces hanging on your walls, and I look forward to capturing more images of you as you grow <3 



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