Erika Iurcovich Photography | Baby Ashton is here! {Melbourne Florida Newborn Photographer}

Baby Ashton is here! {Melbourne Florida Newborn Photographer}

March 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Everywhere I look these days, I see families of 5. Maybe that's just because I now have 3 children and I'm particularly drawn to the chaos and love that is a family of 5. Or maybe more and more families are deciding to have 3 kids! Either way, I love that I'm seeing so many sets of 3 siblings as it's upping my game for sibling shots and giving me more opportunities to meet, grow relationships with and photograph so many more sweet little ones <3 

Little Ashton came to me in January at 1 week new, and boy was he a cutie! His sisters (whom I've known and photographed for many years) were smitten with him, which is such a sweet thing to see! We started with family and sibling shots, then focused on sweet baby Ashton by himself. He slept right through the family and sibling stuff, but as soon as those sisters were away from him, he woke right up! I think he wondered where they went ;) 

We got so many precious shots of this little cutie - images I know his family will cherish for years to come. Welcome to the world baby Ashton. I don't think you'll ever lack for love, and I can't wait to watch you and your sisters grow <3



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