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Sammy is Eight! {Melbourne Florida Children's Photographer}

May 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Over the past 5 years, I've gradually moved into photographing older children. What started as primarily newborn and baby's 1st year became 18m and 2 years as well, then 3, 4, & 5.

Just because kids don't change as much month to month after the 1st few years doesn't mean they don't change significantly year to year, and as my oldest hit that 5 year mark this year, I decided I wanted to start offering more sessions for older children to help parents capture their babies elementary years as well. After a few model calls and talking to lots of parents of school-aged children, it became apparent that the plain backdrops are a favorite, and a few amazing images that can be displayed around the house are preferred over tons of different backdrops and outfits. After all, these kiddos have been around for 5-10 years, and chances are their parents have a good amount of pictures in the house and on hard drives already!

So when Sammy's mom contacted me during my model call and told me her baby was turning 8, I knew she'd be a perfect practice subject! Front teeth missing, baby face on the verge of changing, momma wanted to remember her just like this.

Sammy was such a sweet girl, and such an easy model to work with (after all, my general clientele would much rather cling to mommy or run around than sit on a 5x7 set ;) ). She had such a fun time trying on beautiful dresses and head pieces, twirling and posing. When mom and big sister came back to look at her edits, they loved several, so ended up getting a package in addition to their gift print. Little Sammy loved her frame and prints, and I'm sure will love looking back at her cute little self as she grows into a young lady.

I'm excited to start working with more school aged children in the future, and helping parents capture their sweet little boys and girls as they grow and change throughout elementary school. Thanks for being such a great model Sammy, I hope to see your sweet face again before too long, and I have a feeling you'll look much different when I do <3



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