Erika Iurcovich Photography | Ian is ONE! {Melbourne Florida cake smash photographer}

Ian is ONE! {Melbourne Florida cake smash photographer}

July 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I first met Ian's mommy at our local Gymboree. He was only a few months old at the time, and I was pregnant with our 3rd baby. We chatted about babies, and realized before long that our husbands were in the same profession, and that we had a mutual friend. So when I got a call about doing his cake smash what seemed like just a few months later (and was really closer to a year!), I was so excited! Mom and I met to plan out the perfect session for her little man - we chatted about how she wanted to preserve these memories (in the same way she'd done for their daughter a few years earlier in another state), chose the best backdrops to work with their decor, looked through products, and decided on the MOST amazing cake smash theme. 

I had so much fun planning Ian's session, especially his super fun Cookie Monster themed cake smash! On the day of the session, Ian and big sister Alice were such great sports, giving us tons of great images to choose from (in the end, mom wanted them all ;) ). And that cake smash....he was ALL OVER IT! I'm always a little nervous with cake smashes - sometimes babies are really into it, but most times, they're hesitant, and sometimes, are downright upset that we're asking them to play with cake! With all of the planning and details that went into Ian's, I was REALLY hoping he would play along - and play along he did! I think he liked the cookies more than the cake, but it was a Cookie Monster theme, so it worked ;) After all the sweets, we wrapped up with a fun bath on set, and called it a day. So much fun! 

A few weeks later, mom came to see all of the beautiful images we got, and a few weeks after that, her book and canvas were ready to be picked up. Just like we'd planned at her initial meeting, everything came together perfectly. I absolutely love creating custom sessions for clients - planning for exactly what they want and how they envision seeing their images months, years and decades from now. It's such an honor when people choose me to document these times, and I love every second of it :) 

Happy birthday Ian - I hope to see you and sister in here again before too long <3 




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