Erika Iurcovich Photography | Madelyn is 4! {Melbourne Florida Children's Photography}

Madelyn is 4! {Melbourne Florida Children's Photography}

March 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Four is a pretty awesome age. Not quite "big kids" but most definitely not babies or toddlers anymore, their little personalities are bursting at the seams, their senses of humor and areas of interest are often hilarious, and they have this sparkle in their eyes that's hard to put into words. I love photographing 4 year olds.

So when Madelyn's mom came to me (referred from 2 other awesome clients with super fun kiddos) for 4 year old photos, I knew I was in for a fun session. Madelyn's mom let me know that her little one wasn't really into dress up and princesses (which I'm often known for), so I made sure to ease her worries that princess was all I could do! After talking about what she was hoping to do with the photos and deciding on backdrops, I picked out a great assortment of dresses, outfits and props for the session so that mom and Madelyn could choose their favorites. 

On the day of the session, Madelyn was a little firecracker - no hesitation, jumping right on set and keeping me busy with her high energy (don't you wish you could bottle that 4-year-old energy up and give yourself some?!?). She picked out both non-princess and SUPER princess dresses, and I think had a pretty good time playing little model for me! 

In the end, we got tons of amazing images of this little beauty - images I know her family will cherish for years to come. I'm so happy I was able to meet and photograph you Madelyn, and hope to see you back in here for another session before too long <3 




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