Erika Iurcovich Photography | FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions



Before Booking:


What ages do you photograph, and when is the best time for pictures?
Newborns: 5-10 days after birth (schedule 2+ months in advance, contact me within 48hrs of birth to schedule your exact session day/time)
Babies: 6/7months+ (once they can sit for 1+ min unassisted). Good times to photograph babies are once they’re sitting, once they’re standing/pulling up, around 1 year (cake smash pictures!!), and then every 6m-1yr after that
Children: 18m+. These sessions are 2 sets, and about 30min in length to keep the child’s interest. Lots of props and outfit changes will be available, and of course fun prizes to reward our little models!


My child won’t sit still/won’t smile/won’t cooperate for pictures!
Fear not! I’ve never met a child that was perfectly behaved for an entire photo session, and in 5 years, I’ve NEVER had a session where we were not able to get a great selection of beautiful images to choose from. I have 3 children of my own, and have photographed hundreds of babies and children through the years. I’ve seen it all and promise you we WILL get great images of your little angel - whether they’re acting angelic or not! And if it ever happens that we’re not able to get at least 15 great images to choose from, I’m happy to reshoot another day/time


How much do I have to pay for this?
My session fees are $200 for babies and children, and $250-400 for newborns ($250 for mini, $400 for full), and are the only thing due up front
The session fee includes a pre consultation where we plan out the perfect session for your wants and needs, the fully styled session (including all props, backdrops, and a huge selection of dresses for girls 6m-5yrs), light editing of 15-30+ images (depending on what we’ll be designing for), and the reveal & ordering appointment
At the ordering appointment, you’ll see all of your images and will choose which
images and products you’d like to purchase.
Products start at $100 and go up from there, packages start at $300 and go up from there. Most clients spend around $1,000 on their images and products, though some spend much less, and some spend much more.
There is NO OBLIGATION to buy anything. You only purchase what you love :)


Do I get images with the session fee?
No. The session fee includes the time and talents of the photographer, listed above. Any images and products you choose to purchase will be paid for separately, at the ordering appointment

How do I pay the session fee?
I accept cash, check, PayPal, and credit card. Your session fee is required to book, once I have that, you’re on my schedule!


After booking/before the session:


How should I decide which backdrops to pick?
Think about how you’ll be displaying and enjoying these images - if you’re looking to get a whimsical framed print for the pink and gold playroom, a sweet textured pink backdrop with a pretty princess dress would be perfect. If you’re looking to do a large metal print of your 2 children for your modern living room, a black and white image would be stunning. If an album is more your speed for this session, the backdrops can be more varied. We’ll meet in person to look through all of the products I offer as well as the backdrop options,  and design the session around your desired end goals.


How should I prepare for the session?
We’ll do all of the planning at your pre consultation at least a few weeks before your session, and over the phone/email as needed before the session. Everything will be set up and outfits/props will be laid out before you get here. If you need help choosing your own outfits to go with sets (for boys, or if you want to bring stuff for your girls), I’m here to help with that as well.
For children 18+, start talking with your child about the session and how much fun it’ll be. You can show them pictures of other kids on my website and watch videos of the photoshoots to show them how much fun they’ll have. If you’d like to offer a treat for good cooperation, start talking that up as well, but remind them that it won’t be till after they leave the shoot that they get it.
The night before the session, try to get  your child to bed on time. On the day of the session, make sure they eat a good breakfast (or at least offer it, I know, I have kids!), and bring a few favorite snacks with you to the shoot. We’ll use these as needed to ensure cooperation.
Bring any special toys that you want photographed OR that may help your child warm up/cooperate during the session.
Don’t rush trying to get here on time - I don’t book back to back sessions, so we have plenty of time if you’re running late, if your child needs time to warm up, or if we need to take some snack/cuddle breaks :)
Newborns are a totally different ballgame - the prep work for the night before the session will be emailed to you a few days before the session!

*If we’re designing for a wall, make sure to take a picture of each wall you’re considering: place a piece of printer paper on the wall and step back as far as you can. Make sure to take the picture as straight on as possible for the most accurate representation. Text or email those images to me, and at your ordering appointment, we’ll look at how your images look on your walls at different sizes. This is GREAT for really seeing what you’ll be getting!



After the Session


When will I get to see my images?
We will schedule your reveal and ordering appointment about 1 week after the session. I’ll put together a slideshow of your images, which you’ll view on my 27” iMac, then you’ll have the chance to go through each image on the 12.7” iPad and decide if/how you’d like to enjoy it. If we’re designing for a wall, I’ll show you some layout options and artist’s suggestions, and if we’re designing for an album, I’ll have a few sample spreads.
All decision makers must be present, as this is the time you’ll see your images and place your order. Additional ordering appointments will incur a $200 fee, and online galleries are not available. If dad and grandma need to be there to choose and/or pay, BRING THEM!!


How long does the reveal and ordering appointment take?
Plan for anywhere from 45min-1.5hrs. Some people are quick decision makers, others need more time to mull over their choices. It’s always a good idea to plan with your spouse before coming in to have a rough idea of what you want to purchase. If you come in having a general idea that you’ll be getting 15 images, a canvas for the living room and a spiral book, the process will be much quicker (even if these change), than if you come in without any plan at all.


Can I bring my kids to the reveal and ordering session?
As a mom of 3, I know how difficult it can be finding childcare, especially when both my husband and I have to be at the same place at the same time. While I do understand it’s not always possible, the process is much smoother and quicker if only the adults are present (this does not apply to newborns). It’s much easier to focus on the images and making your product selections if all of your attention is on the ordering process rather than your children.
 If children do need to come with you, make sure to bring them a few favorite snacks and a quiet activity or 2. I can have an iPad and coloring activities ready for them as well. I may be able to arrange for my babysitter to watch your child(ren) at my home as well with ample notice.


How much is this going to cost me?
What you spend is entirely up to you. Some clients spend a few hundred on a few images and prints, others spend several thousand on albums and wall art. You are not obligated to purchase anything, though most people fall in love with their images and want to purchase all they can ;)
Payment plans are available if you decide to spend more than you’d anticipated, though products and images are only delivered after payment in full is made.


When do I pay for the images and products?
At the ordering session. Payment in full is due before any images or products are ordered. I accept cash, check, credit card and PayPal.


Can I just get all of my images on a disc/usb?
Sure! I know how much everyone loves sharing their pictures online and through email. I’m the same way, I love posting to Facebook and emailing my grandmother photos of my kids. For this reason, I include the corresponding digital image of every wall art product purchased (16x20 and larger), and all of my packages include digital images. These come with a print release allowing you to print on your own up to 8x10.
If you ONLY want the digital files, these are available for purchase as well.


My mom/family members may want to order something, can you put these up in an online gallery for them to choose?
Absolutely. Any digital images purchased at the ordering session can be placed in an online gallery for family and friends to make additional print purchases. I will set them up and link to one of my labs so that quality prints can be ordered directly & delivered right to them, taking the work out of the ordering process for them and you :)


What if I can’t decide? Can I just get the images in an online gallery to choose from at home?
All ordering must take place in the studio at your ordering appointment, which is included with your session fee. I am here to help you choose the best images for your wants and needs, and to help you decide how to display and preserve them. Only 1 ordering appointment is included in this fee, which is why it’s very important that all decision makers be present.
 I do not offer online galleries of unpurchased images, but if you do need/want to come back in for a 2nd ordering appointment, I do offer those at an additional fee ($200)


When will I get my images and products?
If you’re purchasing digital images, you’ll leave the ordering appointment with those, once payment has cleared. If you’ve come into the ordering appointment knowing you wanted a package, I may have the 5x5 prints there at your appointment, and if so, you’ll leave with those in your keepsake box and your frame as well. Wall art and gifts (acrylic blocks, accordion and spiral books) will be ordered after payment has cleared and will be ready for pickup within 2 weeks (usually 1). Albums and whimsical frames require design time, so generally take a week or 2 longer.
 I will contact you when everything is in and ready to be picked up or delivered :)


If you have any other questions you’d like to see added to this list, please let me know! I look forward to working with you and capturing this special time in your child’s life <3